Our Training Process

Trained security personnel is an asset to an organization. Our training program is scientifically designed, keeping in view modern business requirements. Our training programs cover all the aspects of training starting with physical fitness, classroom training, on-the-job training, and special training. The aim of our training program is to make the security guards self-reliant to handle day-to-day routines and empower them to provide assistance in the time of crisis.

  • Including Weapons Training For Security
  • Customer Service
  • De-escalation Training For Security

40 Hour Armed Security Training

This course meets the requirements of the AJ Security Patrol Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as outlined in the Detective Act. This course, plus a Permanent Employee Registration Card, is needed for a person employed by private security or private detective agency.

Armed Security Officers in the State of AJ Security Patrol are required to have 20 hours of Basic Security training plus 20 hours of Basic Firearms training following the guidelines established by the Warrior Petrol Services Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

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